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ASIA is located on the intersection point of the main arterial roads used in Russia, as well as internationally.


Transportation - Land Route

Motorways: M-7 Motorway: Moscow-Kazan-Ural & M-8 Motorway: Moscow-Yaroslavl-Arhangelsk.

ASIA is 97 km away from Russia and situated next to the M-7 Motorway. The manufacturers in ASIA can deliver goods to Moscow in one hour. The manufacturers don’t need to hire storages near Moscow. This provides a great advantage for the manufacturers, whose market is Moscow, by minimising the costs of transportation and storage. It’s possible to bypass Moscow by going around the city via the 4th Ringroad “Betonka”.


Transportation - Land Route/ Air Route

3 international airports: SVO Sheremetevo; VKO Vnukovo; DME Domodedevo


The Distances to the Key Areas of Automotive Industry Production


Transportation / Railway

Railways: TS Trans-Siberian Railway, NS North-South Railway

The railway connection and loading-unloading station have been conceptualised within the premises of ASIA, in the project. It’s easy to reach all the regions of Russian Federation via railway connections. The aforementioned railway connection offers a great advantage in terms of logistics and costs.



Vladimir Region


The Strategic Importance of the Region

The transit corridor from Europe to China runs through the region

Proximity to Moscow

The interest shown and the support given by the Vladimir Regional Administration to foreign investors

The sufficient workforce on the region (population: 1,400,000)

The completion of investments by foreign investors in the region in short periods of time

Vladimir Region is amongst the most popular regions for investment in Russia

The Ranking of Foreign Investors within RF 18 Central Region Year 2009 (million $)


Vladimir Region / Foreign Investments


City of Alexandrov


Alexandrov, is the biggest industrial city in Vladimir region. It’s within a few kilometres distance to the border of Moscow region. ASIA, on the other hand, is the biggest industrial area outside Moscow region. According to the governorate data, the number of qualified workforce in Alexandrov is around 72,000 (workers and technical personnel).

The major advantages of the city are; the industrial establishments in various sectors in the city, wide network of supply industry and the continuous support given by the regional administration to foreign investors. As a result of the negotiations carried out with the city administration, an agreement has been made on procurement and training the personnel from demanded occupational groups. As of today, more than 8000 personnel commute in and out of Moscow daily for the duration of approximately 6 hours, in order to keep their jobs.