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ASIA Land-use plan

Total area 850,000 square meters.

No sectoral limitations on production.

The project is formed of 4 main sections:

1. Social areas

2. Customs terminal, logistics terminal and storages.

3. & 4. Production areas.

Production areas:

Land parcelling and deed transfers are made for areas suitable for investor demands. Thanks to already obtained licences and approvals, the constructions can start immediately (production area, infrastructure, landscaping etc.) It is possible to establish production facilities on approximately 500,000 m2 premises.

Customs and Warehouses

The necessary licences have been obtained and the agreement has been signed with the managing company. Itâ??s anticipated to commence the construction during the first quarter of 2013. The construction of the railway loading-unloading station and railway connection will start alongside the warehouse construction.

Social Areas:

The project has been made considering the needs of the foreign investors living in the area. Conference hall, bank, post-office, polyclinic, market, restaurant, cafe. Sports areas (basketball, football, volleyball, tennis) Accommodation (guesthouses, housing for administration and workers).