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About ASIA


Aleksandrova Sloboda Industrial Area.

ASIA is established on 85 hectar (850,000 square meters) industrial land and owned by Sefa LLC.

ASIA is situated in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir Region. The company has been established, following the protocol signed with the Governorate of Vladimir Region.

The Organised Industrial Zone has been established with the aim of creating an environment, where the companies could complete their investments and make profits in short-term, by focusing on their production and customers, without being hindered by bureaucratic complications and risks, in an ever developing area, which is the optimum location for the market.

All the necessary approvals and permissions have been obtained for the Area. Some companies have already started their investments. In addition, the construction of the common areas is currently in process.

Main advantages

The guarantee to complete the construction of the facility within the time period of the project and the proposed budget
The opportunity to start investment and production within the earliest term possible in Russia (4-5 months)
Completion of the production facility and commencing production, in return for a letter of guarantee